GOP Rep Backs Regime Change In Russia

Joe Biden went off script and almost plunged the United States into World War 3 by advocating for regime change in Russia.

The White House quickly walked it back and came out against regime change.

The damage was already done.

Biden Calls For Regime Change – White House Goes Into Cover-Up Mode

Many in the GOP just can’t help themselves.

The latest example of this is GOP Rep Brian Mast.

Rather than calling out Biden for the language, he doubled down on the call for regime change.

From Breitbart:

“[T]housands of their people are being slaughtered over the greed of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin,” he said. “How does it end? I’ve been saying this over and over. I think it has to end in this way. We tell Putin that whether it’s three months, three years, or whatever length of time, he is out of power, even though Biden is scared to now back up what he said that Putin should be out of power, Putin should be out of power, there should be Russian nuclear demilitarization because of their elevated nuclear posture. There should be demilitarized zones along all Russian borders, for the sake of NATO and those that don’t want their sovereignty invaded.”

“And beyond that, there should be a return of all of Ukraine and Crimea,” Mast continued. “Those are things that, at a minimum, should be our, the West, E.U., NATO starting negotiating point, and I’ll just make one other quick point to you, your monologue about this all was spot on. He is getting his policy from the media and not from the National Security, the best interest of the National Security of the United States of America. And as a result, you know, you have a President that he looks like the Greek god, Midas, except everything he touches turns to crap instead of gold.”

Being against regime change is not a Pro-Putin stance.

It is simply a realization that US regime change policy has been a complete failure.

If Putin is gone who will take his place?

Will Russia, Ukraine or the world be better if Putin was overthrown?

There is no evidence that anyone better would take over if Putin is gone.

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