Globalist EU Set To Sanction Hungary Over Landslide Orban Election Win


Globalists have proven themselves repeatedly to be authoritarian tyrants, unhesitatingly purveying propaganda to justify their positions. Soon after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban won a landslide victory, the EU was frothing with rage. As the EU is unhappy with the election results, it is preparing to sanction Hungary.

Yes, sanction Hungary over a democratically held election.

This is an indication that globalist totalitarianism is becoming more desperate and aggressive. Who could imagine sanctioning a country over an election outcome?

The major sticking points for the EU are Hungary’s longstanding refusal to accept open-door Muslim migration, as well as its refusal to allow LGBTQ indoctrination in school curricula for kids under 18. LGBTQ rights already exist in Hungary. See more HERE.

The propaganda that globalists in the EU and America use against those who they deem to be enemies is just part of their tactical aggression. Their strategy is repetitious and predictable. They call opponents “corrupt” without any clear reason for doing so, and lie about their own corruption by calling everything exposed about them “Russian disinformation” and the like. They label opponents as Putin props, as is the case with Orban, even though Orban stated in February that Hungary will support all EU sanctions against Russia “and will not block anything.”

“Hungary could lose out as EU moves to link cash to rule of law respect,” by Alice Tidey, EuroNews, April 5, 2022:

Brussels has triggered a process in Hungary that threatens to link the payment of EU cash to respect for rule of law.

It comes two days after Viktor Orban, secured a fifth — and fourth consecutive — term as Hungary’s prime minister.

Orban has clashed frequently with the European Commission over respect for key EU values, such as LGBT rights, rule of law and attacks on independent media.

Now, the European Commission has notified Budapest it is triggering the so-called “conditionality mechanism” over rule of law breaches, opening the door to financial sanctions.

“The Commission has today spoken to the Hungarian authorities that we will now send a formal letter to start the conditionality mechanism,” European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen told MEPs.

Earlier in her address, Von der Leyen had said that the European Commission required Budapest to implement reforms to tackle corruption.

However, she noted that the two sides have “not been able to find common ground”.

She added that the Commission has followed the procedure as laid out by treaties by addressing a letter of formal notice and later referring the case to the European Court of Justice and that upon receiving Hungary’s answers, they drew the “conclusion we have to move on to the next step”.

MEPs in Strasbourg, who have long demanded the EU’s executive proceed with the new mechanism, cheered the announcement with a round of applause.

Daniel Freund, an MEP for the Greens/EFA group, welcomed it by writing on Twitter: “It’s happening. FINALLY!”

But German Green MEP, Rasmus Andresen, told Euronews that the rule of law mechanism should have been triggered sooner.

“One of the reasons why Orbán is as strong as he is, is because many in Brussels had not learnt lessons in the past and actually supported him in the past and now we really need to speed up on issues like the rule of law mechanism, but also when it comes to other sanctions we can do against Hungary and Viktor Orbán,” Andresen said.

MEPs first approved the rule of law mechanism regulation in December 2020, followed by intense haggling at then European Council level, with Hungary and Poland both demanding it to be watered down and threatening to veto the bloc’s budget over it.

The two countries then referred the mechanism to the ECJ, which ruled in February that EU institutions could tie funding to member states to respect for the rule of law.

On Sunday, Orban’s Fidesz party secured 53% of the vote and a two-thirds “supermajority” in parliament.

Orban, who has built his career on EU-bashing, had described his victory on Sunday evening as ” so big that you can see it from the moon, and you can certainly see it from Brussels.”…

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