Glenn Beck Drops Bombshells On Tucker: NIH Claims Joint Ownership Of Moderna VAXX, Started Working On It Long Before Pandemic


The best part about Glenn Beck going on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show is that he’s able to reach millions of right-leaning Americans who may not be aware of the various conspiracies surrounding our government, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and Covid-19. The bad part is on a show like Tucker’s, Beck only had a few minutes to try to squeeze in two hours worth of bombshells.

He did all he could in the time allotted. Watch this bombshell video while it’s still up:

According to Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit:

Glenn Beck was on Tucker Carlson’s show on Wednesday night and he discussed the many actions taken by Dr. Fauci and friends before the China coronavirus (COVID-19) hit the US in early 2020. Beck mentioned that Dr. Ralph Baric reviewed Moderna and Dr. Fauci’s coronavirus vaccine in 2019. Something we reported early this year in February.

Dr. Baric worked with Dr. Shi, who we identified in April 2020 as the ‘Bat Doctor’. Fauci also worked with other doctors to claim that COVID-19 was not developed in a lab. This too was a lie.

Of particular interest is how the NIH has claimed partial ownership of the Moderna Covid vaccine. In fact, Beck details how the NIH and Moderna were working on, “mRNA coronavirus candidates developed and jointly owned by NIAID and Moderna.”

Keep in mind, this was weeks BEFORE what would later be known as Covid-19 was even known to the public or acknowledged by the U.S., China, or the World Health Organization.

Watch the video. Unfortunately, the URL that Beck put out during the show to get the full information is not valid. He later posted the real URL on Twitter:

It’s noteworthy that Fox News chose not to include this segment on any of their properties, nor on their YouTube channel. Hmm. Was Tucker going off-script by bringing in Beck? Seems like it.

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