Giuliani Plays “SuitcaseGate” Video During GA Fraud Hearing

During a Georgia House Hearing on Election Fraud and Irregularities, Rudy Giuliani played the now-infamous “SuitcaseGate” video from election night in Georgia.

This is a huge deal because it is just more evidence that the Media’s narrative this video was debunked was simply false.

Played the video:

Full Hearing:

According to a new court filing from the Secretary Georgia Secretary Of State’s office. Not only were votes counted during the now-infamous “Suitcasegate” but that the monitors were not there either.

It also claims that Republican poll monitors were not told to leave. However, sworn affidavits claim the complete opposite.

The Federalist:

That claim, which he has repeated consistently, is backed by sworn affidavits from two Republican observers, who further allege they were kept an unreasonable distance from the ballots even while they were at State Farm Arena, making it completely impossible to meaningfully do their jobs. (The video, which shows the room from four different angles, fully supports the claim that poll watchers were kept away from meaningful observation of ballot handling.)

The observers say that they arrived for their observation jobs around 8 p.m. They say in the first half of the 10 o’clock hour, a woman with blonde braids who appeared to be a supervisor “yelled out” to those present in the room that they would stop working for the night and would resume in the morning. The Republican poll watchers said they asked Fulton County Elections Spokesperson Regina Waller questions about the status of the ballot count multiples times but that she refused to answer.

You have to love the spin.

However, we now have an on record admission that they weren’t there and that counting did continue.

Tick Tock.

Trump’s legal team set the political world on fire by putting out videos claiming that suitcases were pulled out from underneath a table and counted after poll watchers were told to go home.

Of course, the Mainstream Press went into full damage control mode to try and downplay what happened.

It started with a left-wing fact-checker attempting to debunk it.

Election Wizard pointed out where this fell flat:

After that, we had local media in Georgia attempting to dump cold water on it.

Now, according to the Mainstream Media, these ballots were not secretive or in suitcases. The news report shows video with Georgia’s election manager seemingly showing that they were not on in suitcases and that everyone knew about those ballots being there. That is fine. I have no reason to not believe that. If they have the evidence I have no problem believing it. This is missing the point.

As Independent Journalist Kyle Becker pointed out the Mainstream Media segment actually confirms a few major portions of this story:

Whether are not they are in suitcases and whether are not these were secretive are inconsequential at this point.

The real questions that need to be answered are surrounding why were poll workers sent home and if these ballots were accurately counted.

We also have the fact there was seemingly one of the biggest Biden vote dumps during this time.

I’d also like to point out that all of the Trump Team is still saying that these are suitcases. Do they know something we don’t?

As always we will bring you the truth and only the truth. It seems that the Mainstream Media has confirmed some of the major parts of “SuitcaseGate”.

The truth is all that matters.

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