Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty On 5 Of 6 Counts–Will The Epstein Network Get Off?

Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty on 5 of 6 counts for helping Jeffrey Epstein abuse teenage girls.

From The Epoch Times:

After five days of deliberation, on Dec. 29, a jury found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on five of the six sex-trafficking charges brought against her in federal court.

Maxwell was found guilty on the following charges:

Count One: Conspiracy to Entice Minors to Travel to Engage in Illegal Sex Acts
Count Three: Conspiracy to Transport Minors With Intent to Engage in Criminal Sexual Activity
Count Four: Transportation of a Minor With Intent to Engage in Criminal Sexual Activity
Count Five: Conspiracy to Commit Sex Trafficking of Minors
Count Six: Sex Trafficking of Minors
The jury found her not guilty on count two: Enticement of a Minor to Travel to Engage in Illegal Sex Acts.

Although it is nice to see Ghislaine Maxwell go down the real question is will the entire Epstein network now be exposed.

From Big League Politics:

While the jury may have delivered justice to Maxwell, it is not likely that other participants in the Epstein child sex network will be punished as well. The courts were careful to conceal these individuals from public scrutiny, and cameras were banned from the courtroom throughout the proceedings.

We previously reported that she could start “naming names” if convicted.

Let’s hope she does.

IT BEGINS: Ghislaine Maxwell Could Start “Naming Names” If Convicted

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