Georgia State Bar Tells Lin Wood To Have A “Mental Health Evaluation”

This is a huge story.

The Georgia State Bar has asked attorney Lin Wood to undergo a mental health evaluation or he will lose his license.

From US News:

An attorney licensing body on Friday said it has asked L. Lin Wood, a lawyer who played a key role in Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn his election defeat, to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Wood said on the app Telegram on Thursday that the State Bar of Georgia had told him he needed to submit to the evaluation to keep his law license.

“My mind is sound. I have broken no rules. I asked what I had done wrong. I was only told it was about my social media comments. My speech,” he wrote.

Wood did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

State Bar of Georgia Chief Operating Officer Sarah Coole confirmed that Wood had been asked to undergo a mental health evaluation but declined to comment further.

Lin Wood has become a controversial figure not only among Americans but among Conservatives.

Some Conservatives have called him a grifter and blasted him for pushing “conspiracy theories”.

Others have defended him.

Lin Wood came under fire after claiming that Vice President Mike Pence would face a firing squad.

He was also dropped by Nicholas Sandmann, one of the Covington Catholic students for who he got a settlement.

Twitter posts by Nick Sandmann surrounding comments by his former attorney, L. Lin Wood.

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