Georgia GOP Convention Rallies Around Marjorie Taylor Greene–Boo RINO Governor Kemp

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Even the fake news is being forced to admit that the base of the GOP stands with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

From Politico: 

But at the Georgia Republican Party convention this weekend, it was hard to find many critics of the lightning rod congresswoman.

“It’s like saying it’s ‘hot as hell,’” Debbie Dooley, a founder of the Tea Party movement in Atlanta, said of Greene’s Holocaust comparison. Dooley was among a group of attendees wearing large “We Love Marjorie” pins on Saturday with her face in the middle of them.

Greene did not attend the convention. But when asked about her appeal, more than 20 party activists and officials mentioned her disregard for political correctness and approach to politics as a “Washington outsider.” Many said they appreciate her willingness to say what she believes, even if it is inaccurate or dangerous — the same traits they admired in former President Donald Trump.

The Palmieri Report previously reported on the booing of RINO Governor Brian Kemp (R):

RINO Governor Kemp Booed Loudly At Georgia GOP Convention

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