Gavin Newsom Pushes Booster–After Disappearing For Two Weeks After Getting It

California Governor Gavin Newsom took to Twitter to tell Californians to get the booster vax if they are eligible. 

This comes after Newsom disappeared for two weeks after getting his.

Newsom claimed he did not have any adverse reaction to the vaccine.

From Newsweek:

California Governor Gavin Newsom denied reports that he experienced adverse reactions from the COVID-19 booster shot, calling them “mishegoss.”

During a press conference on Wednesday, Newsom was asked about a recent report from The Daily Mail, which cited an anonymous source close to the family and said that the governor experienced fatigue and muscle weakness, after receiving both the COVID-19 booster shot and the flu shot.

“Well, that’s made up. I had absolutely no impact whatsoever from the COVID shot, nor the original, nor the booster. Absolutely none, no fatigue, even no soreness,” Newsom said in response. “So that’s just made up and I hope folks pause and reflect on these sources and consider the mishegoss that’s going on.”

However, tech millionaire Steve Kirsch wrote an article for his Substack saying he was 90% sure that Newsom was suffering from Bell’s Palsy from the COVID vax.

From Steve Kirsch:

It’s been rumored that Gavin Newsom is out of sight since getting his booster on Oct 27 because he developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) or Bell’s Palsy. This can happen within hours after getting his booster so this make perfect sense.

This also explains why nobody has seen him in public since then; anyone who saw him would instantly know.

I checked into this and I’m over 90% sure that this is true (but I can’t tell you publicly about it without revealing my source) which prompted me to write this article.

Am I 100% certain? No. This is just my personal educated hypothesis piecing together the information (both from public and private sources) that I’ve gathered.


Gavin Newsom Had Major Adverse Reaction to Moderna Booster Shot: Sources

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