Gab Calls For Twitter And Facebook To Be Removed From App Store

Gab published an article on News.Gab calling for Twitter and Facebook to be removed from the App Store due to the fact both platforms were used to plan capitol hill riots.


Just kidding. ?

Federal law enforcement today advised the AP that there was significant activity on Twitter directed towards the organization of the Capitol Hill riots. Twitter was also the place where a man was using coded language to sell child porn according to news reports this week.

The Washington Post reported a mountain of evidence was discovered of the organization the happened on Facebook for the January 6th protests. Facebook’s Chief Operation Officer, Sharyl Sandberg, deflected the blame to you guessed it: Gab.

The New York Times at first wrongfully and baselessly reported that Gab and Parler were to blame, but has since amended that position after new evidence surfaced about Facebook’s role in what happened on January 6th.

The legacy press and activist groups such as the Anti-Defamation League, each also blamed two challenger sites – Gab and Parler – rather than the big sites like Twitter and Facebook where rioters actually planned their activities.

The reality of app store bans is and always has been that Big Tech moderation policies are selectively applied. Big Tech responds not to reality but to the demands of far-left activists who clog the proverbial phone lines of Apple and Google every time a handful of offensive or illegal posts appears on our sites, while ignoring when hundreds of thousands of illegal or offensive posts appears on theirs.

Now, of course, Gab founder Andrew Torba is simply holding the App Store to the same standard they used to ban Parler. If they truly banned Parler over the capitol riots then they should do the same to Facebook and Twitter.

What is pointed out here is the main point. The one that all Americans must understand. Big Tech has no standards. All they care about is power and control.

They banned Parler because it allowed for dissenting points of view. It had nothing to do with violence. There was just as much violence pushed on Facebook and Twitter as there was on Parler. Only one got banned.

The Palmieri Report firmly stands against violence.

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