Fox Editor Who Played Key Role In Calling AZ For Biden Testifying At Sham Jan 6th Hearing

Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt played a key role in calling Arizona for Joe Biden far before any other network.

He was later fired.

From Fox News:

A Fox News editor who was fired after playing a leading role in calling President Joe Biden’s November election victory in Arizona before any other news network has said that he did not feel vindicated by last week’s election audit results because the damage has already been done.

Digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt was fired in January after calling the typically red state for Biden earlier than other networks, which reportedly angered former President Donald Trump and his supporters.


In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Stirewalt said he did not feel vindicated by audit’s results because “they’re doing their damage anyway.”

“The point of these [audits] is to undermine confidence. It’s not what the finding is,” Stirewalt said. “So I take no satisfaction or pleasure from seeing this outcome that roughly corresponds with the real results. They’re doing their damage anyway.”

He is now testifying in front of the sham Jan 6th panel.

He said he was asked to be part of the panel’s next public hearing. He added “I am not in a position now to tell you what my testimony will be about.

From CNN:

Chris Stirewalt, the former Fox political editor, said Friday that he will be a witness during the House January 6 committee’s next public hearing on Monday.

“I have been called to testify before this committee and will do so on Monday,” he said during an appearance on NewsNation, where he is employed as political editor.

During the NewsNation interview, Stirewalt said, “I am not in a position now to tell you what my testimony will be about.”


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