Former Trump Adviser Issues Warning About The Stock Market

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Peter Navarro, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy for President Trump, issued a warning about the stock market in 2021.

Dr. Peter Navarro is a brilliant guy and his warnings should not be taken lightly.

There is a lot of issues regarding our economy currently that if not handled correctly could cause a lot of damage.

You have the pandemic. This took what was a booming economy and sunk it. Of course, before President Trump left office, he got the stock market back up higher than where it was before the pandemic. There is just one problem with this. The stock market rose back because they felt that the country would be re-opening and the worst was behind us.

With Biden in office that changes. We know have a President who is going to continue to hinder America’s economic growth. He is going to continue to push lockdowns and extreme COVID measures for at least the next few months. On top of that, he is using executive orders to kill thousands of jobs(this could become millions).

We also have the money we are printing to deal with the economic crisis. This website has called for Americans to get $2000 stimulus checks. We felt that if Government is going to shut down people’s lives they owe them money until they allow them to make their own money. That doesn’t mean there is no cost to it. You can’t print money forever.┬áLike Navarro said it will be almost impossible to print enough money to get us out of the coming economic crisis.

We are likely in for a tough 2021. We can only hope and pray that our economy can withstand this so Americans do not suffer.

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