Former Obama White House Official Exposes Massive Biden Blunder — Biden Shook NATO Alliance

The Palmieri Report reported on Biden’s massive blunder on Ukraine.

White House Goes Into Damage Control Mode After Major Biden Blunder

Now, we have this.

Brett Bruen, former director of global engagement in the Obama White House wrote an op-ed for NBC blasting Biden’s for his failures.

He said Biden’s comments gave Putin exactly what he wanted.

From NBC News:

Russia-Ukraine tensions need a unified NATO response. But Biden shook the alliance.

Russian President Vladimir Putin won a major victory this past week, and it didn’t require him to move a single soldier or weapon into Ukraine. During a news conference at the White House Wednesday, President Joe Biden made several considerable concessions. These rhetorical retreats would not only damage and further destabilize the government in Kyiv. They also reverberated in capitals across eastern and central Europe, leaving leaders there feeling even more vulnerable to Moscow’s meddling.

In diplomacy, the messaging really matters. Having served in numerous embassies overseas, I’ve seen how the right message can help secure peace. But the wrong message can lead to conflict. What Biden said about a potential Russian invasion and NATO’s response falls squarely into the latter category. His words will embolden Putin to be even more aggressive and accelerate his asymmetric attacks on other neighboring nations.

The president recklessly remarked that the price for Russia invading Ukraine “depends on what it does. It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do” — the “we” apparently referring to NATO.

This clumsy, cringe-worthy attempt to distinguish between minor and major invasions sent a clear signal to the Kremlin that if troops stopped short of a full-scale military operation, they might avoid a serious response from the West. This is an ideal outcome for Russia. In fact, it is its preferred path forward.

Jack Posobiec also pointed out that European Allies are going their own way.

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