Former DHS Chief: Biden Admin Under “Immense Pressure” To Finish Sections Of Border Wall

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Yesterday, The Palmieri Report reported that the Biden Administration was considering restarting border wall construction to fill in certain gaps.

Trump Was Right: Biden Admin May Restart Border Wall Construction

This was a broken campaign promise for Biden.

Biden promised that he would not build any more of the wall.

Now, we have this.

According to former DHS Chief Chad Wolf, the Biden administration is under pressure from Border Patrol to finish parts of the border wall.

From Newsweek:

Wolf told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday that he thought the Biden administration was under “immense pressure” from law enforcement officers to finish sections of the border wall.

“The men and women from [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] and border patrol are pleading with DHS leadership and the White House to finish sections of that border wall system,” Wolf said. “They know how effective it is and they know they need it to do their job.”

Newsweek reached out to the Department of Homeland Security for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Where is the media?

Joe Biden’s administration refuses to listen to our border patrol because they don’t want to give Trump a win.

The Biden administration is risking the safety of the United States for political reasons.

Trump was right. The wall works.

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