FBI Informant Was Paid $54K To Encourage Whitmer Plot

The Palmieri Report previously reported on the FBI using at least 12 informants in the Whitmer kidnapping plot. 

WOW: FBI Used At Least 12 Informants In Whitmer Kidnapping Case

The Palmieri Report then reported FBI informants were involved in every aspect of the plot.

Report: FBI Informants Involved In Almost Every Aspect Of Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Now, we have this.

It has now been exposed that one of the agents was paid $54,000 to encourage the plot.

From Reason:

But the government’s case against these 14 alleged extremists relies on work done by at least a dozen government informants and undercover FBI agents whose extensive involvement in the plot calls into question whether it would have moved forward at all without the government’s prodding. Some of these government actors took lead roles in organizing the supposed plot—one of the informants was even paid $54,000 by the FBI.

Taken together, these and other details raise the strong possibility that the militia members were victims of entrapment on the part of the FBI.

“Big Dan” was no passive spectator: After initially alerting the authorities that he was involved in a Facebook group for militia members in which violence against police officers had been discussed, he agreed to become an informant. The government paid him $54,000 for six months’ work. When the militia group surveilled Whitmer’s vacation home, it was Big Dan leading the charge. According to the group’s defense attorneys, Big Dan—an Iraq War veteran—took charge of training the other men in military tactics.

And that’s not all: Big Dan’s FBI handler, Jayson Chambers, had a side hustle. Chambers was attempting to build a security consulting business in the midst of the investigation; it’s easy to see how his desire to create a brand for himself could have led him to encourage Big Dan to nudge the plot along. BuzzFeed obtained a resume that Chambers had shared with prospective clients, and in that document, he took credit for using “online undercover techniques” to investigate terrorist groups. According to BuzzFeed, Chambers has a long history of participating in FBI investigations of Muslim youths who were enticed by law enforcement to become involved in wholly theoretical violent plots, according to their defense attorneys.

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