Farrakhan Silent After “Follower Of Farrakhan” Rams His Car Into Two Police Officers At Capitol

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What’s more, the establishment media will not dream of asking Farrakhan about this, and the leftists who praise Farrakhan and brag about their association with him will continue to do so, without challenge.

“Louis Farrakhan Silent After Noah Green Linked to Nation of Islam,” by Darragh Roche, Newsweek, April 3, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The Nation of Islam (NOI) and its leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, have not issued a statement following reports that the suspect in a deadly incident in Washington, D.C. on Friday identified himself as a follower of the controversial group.

Noah Green allegedly rammed his car into two police officers near the North Barricade at the Capitol. One officer died as a result of the attack and Green was shot and killed. A second officer was also injured.

On his Facebook page, Green publicly identified himself with NOI and said he was a “Follower of Farrakhan.” Though the social media site has since deleted his page, Newsweek and other news sites captured images of it….

NOI had not issued a statement about Green or the incident at the Capitol on its website at the time of writing.

In fact, the most recent document under the site’s “News & Statements” tab was from December 13, 2020 and dealt with some remarks delivered by Farrakhan….


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