Facebook Bans QAnon

Facebook has officially announced that it is banning Qanon.


Facebook said Tuesday that it is banning all QAnon accounts from its platforms, a significant escalation over its previous actions and one of the broadest rules the social media giant has put in place in its history.

Facebook said the change is an update on the policy it created in August that initially only removed accounts related to the QAnon conspiracy theory that discussed violence, which resulted in the termination of 1,500 pages, groups and profiles.

A company spokesperson said the enforcement, which started Tuesday, will “bring to parity what we’ve been doing on other pieces of policy with regard to militarized social movements,” such as militia and terror groups that repeatedly call for violence.
“Starting today, we will remove Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts for representing QAnon. We’re starting to enforce this updated policy today and are removing content accordingly, but this work will take time and will continue in the coming days and weeks,” Facebook wrote in a press release. “Our Dangerous Organizations Operations team will continue to enforce this policy and proactively detect content for removal instead of relying on user reports.”
The spokesperson said the company believed it needed to limit the “ability of QAnon and Militarized Social Movements to operate and organize on our platform.”

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak had the best take on this:

I don’t have any thoughts on QAnon. I don’t personally pay attention to it but I can say for sure it shouldn’t be banned. We have a first Amendment for a reason. Social Media companies have become the public square.

However, I don’t even think that is the real story here. The real story is the double standard. The Mainstream Media and radical left have been caught pushing some of the wildest conspiracies on the internet. Yet you don’t see any of their stuff being taken down. That alone proves that the censors aren’t interested in making sure only true content is put up. What they are really interested in is getting Trump supporters kicked off social media.

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