Expert: Rittenhouse Could Have Defamation Case Against Biden

Joe Biden could be facing a defamation lawsuit very soon.

Todd McMurtry, who helped Sandmann reach a settlement with CNN, told Fox News that Kyle Rittenhouse does have a case against Joe Biden.

He said that the tweet is “actionable” but it isn’t a guaranteed win.

Since Biden was not President when the tweet was sent he does not have immunity.

From Fox News:

Kyle Rittenhouse could potentially have a defamation case against President Biden over a tweet suggesting Rittenhouse was a White supremacist, a lawyer who represented former Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann told Fox News.

Todd McMurtry, who helped Sandmann reach a settlement with CNN over a defamation lawsuit, said Biden could be held accountable for the Sept. 30, 2020 social media post weeks before he was elected.

“What you take from that tweet is that Kyle Rittenhouse was using his rifle and engaging in White supremacist misconduct so it’s actionable,” McMurtry told Fox News. “Not necessarily going to win, but it’s actionable.”

Last year, Joe Biden sent out this tweet, calling Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist:

No evidence of Rittenhouse being a white supremacist ever came out at the trial.

From Breitbart:

Rittenhouse’s acquittal will only add to the evidentiary ammunition — especially as prosecutors never once produced a shred of evidence during the trial that he had any white supremacist ties or racial motivations.

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