“Exaggerated”- President Trump Questions COVID Death Totals

Yesterday, President Trump took to Twitter to question the CDC’s COVID death count numbers.

Of course, even questioning the elites on anything to do with COVID creates a firestorm. The elites don’t like that.

So, let’s fact check what President Trump is saying.

Let’s start with him saying they are far exaggerated.

The latest CDC weekly coronavirus numbers list 294,884 deaths due to coronavirus(as of the day of President Trump’s tweet)

The Gateway Pundit further broke those numbers down:

The Gateway Pundit: 

10,874 deaths from intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning and “other adverse events.”
11,554 are due to Alzheimer’s disease.
47,351 due to Diabetes
33,367 heart attacks
14,350 cancer patients

So, what do these numbers show us?

Well, at a minimum they show that the Mainstream Media is not giving the full picture. The Media is reporting the big number but not putting it into context. This isn’t even to say that these shouldn’t be counted as COVID deaths. It isn’t to say that these deaths aren’t tragic. It is to simply say that President Trump is correct when he calls the numbers exaggerated. They are not viewed in context.

These numbers don’t count the deaths we have seen from things that had nothing to do with COVID either.

Such as, people being shot, and then it is counted as a COVID death.

He then points out that the CDC is classifying deaths differently than other countries.

So, this is also true.

Why are you never allowed to question any of this?

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