Epstein’s Pilot Testifies Who He Saw On Epstein’s Private Jet–Here Is The List

Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot testified who he saw flying on Epstein’s private jet.

Here is the list:

From The Daily News:

Visoski added that he also recalled meeting Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, the actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker, and world renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman on separate trips to Epstein’s mansions around the world.

“I certainly remember President Trump, but not many people associated with him,” the pilot testified under cross-examination by Maxwell’s lawyer, Christian Everdell. Visoki added that Trump flew on the plane before he was president.

Visoski said he flew Epstein’s private Boeing 727, a Gulfstream jet, and helicopters for decades. He said Maxwell also flew Epstein’s helicopters sometimes. The pilot did not specify the aircrafts where he met the former and future heads of state.

The pilot alleged that he never saw any sex acts on the plane.

From ABC News:

Although he was called as a witness by the government, Visoski’s testimony seemed to aid the defense of Maxwell as he answered questions posed by Maxwell attorney Christian Everdell about what he saw when he straightened up the aircraft after a flight.

Visoski didn’t hesitate when Everdell asked him if he ever saw sexual activity when he went for coffee or found sex toys when he cleaned up.

“Never,” the pilot answered to both questions. He said he never saw used condoms either.

And when he was asked if he ever saw sex acts with underage females, he answered: “Absolutely not.”

The pilot said Epstein never warned him to stay in the cockpit during flights and also encouraged him to use a bathroom near the rear of the plane that would require him to walk past the plane’s couches.

He said he never saw any children on his planes who were not accompanied by their parents.


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Meanwhile Epstein had this painting hanging in his home:


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