Dr. Robert Malone Speaks Out On New Variant–Could It Be From Vax?

Dr. Robert Malone has been on the frontlines of exposing what has really been going on through the COVID pandemic.

He joined The War Room to discuss the new variant.

Here are some notes:

-Dr. Malone stressed that as it stands right now this isn’t something to play around with

-He pointed out this seems to blow through vaccine protection and maybe even natural immunity

-It is highly infectious

-Hard to trust big institutions because they have lied so much through pandemic

-US would’ve had to shut down months ago to stop the spread

-This could possibly have come due to a leaky vaccine

WATCH-‘Nu’ Super Covid Variant Originated Out Of Botswana

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WATCH 2-The Vaccine Has Possibly Created Recent Mutation

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WATCH 3-The Vaccine Has Possibly Created Recent Mutation

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Just like the origins of COVID, it is going to be important to find out how this mutation came about.

Was it a mutation caused by a leaky vaccine or not?

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