DOJ Prosecutors Going After Election Audit Groups

The Deep State can not allow for the 2020 election steal to be fully exposed.

They are using all branches of government to stop the audits from taking place.

In Congress, we have the sham Jan 6th committee which is targeting those who are exposing the steal.

The courts have refused to even hear cases exposing the steal.

The executive branch has the DOJ, FBI, and of course the Biden White House all smearing and going after those exposing what happened.

They are now going after Sidney Powell and her election audit groups.

This was brought to our attention by the Conservative Treehouse:

I hate to say I toldyaso, but…. well, {Go Deep}.  The Washington Post is writing a story today about federal prosecutors using grand juries to subpoena the financial records of individuals and groups who were associated with the 2020 election audit efforts.  The motives here are very predictable.

Remember, when the political agencies under the umbrella of the Fourth Branch of Government (CIA, FBI and DOJ) use their aligned media they follow a particular pattern of using New York Times, Politico and the Washington Post to build the framework of their investigative narratives.

The specifics of this first report surround attorney Sidney Powell and her ‘Defend The Republic‘ organization, one of several individuals and groups who were raising money to support 2020 election audits. The Sidney Powell, Mike Flynn, and Patrick Byrne network are under review.

As you review the article it is important to note few key elements: (1) The subpoena document’s were leaked to the Washington Post by someone inside the investigation; that speaks toward the larger motive of the DOJ/FBI effort itself. (2) The specific DOJ prosecutors are the same ones working hand-in-glove with the J6 committee.

Click to read the rest of the article from the Conservative Treehouse

These probes are supposed to send a message.

if you expose the steal we will come for you.

If they truly cared about phony moneymaking they’d be probing the Biden and Clintons.

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