Did Hillary Clinton Just Bash Joe Biden In Her First Novel?

Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton remains bitter.

Hillary Clinton just released a new novel titled “state of terror.”

In the book, she takes a shot at Trump, who beat her in the 2016 presidential race.

It seems Trump wasn’t the only politician she took a shot at in the book.

According to the Guardian’s Mark Lawson, she may also have taken a shot at Biden in the book.

From Breitbart:

Hillary Rodham Clinton has released a novel under her name, State of Terror, in which critics claim she gets even with Joe Biden and Donald Trump for beating her to the White House by characterizing one as a “fool” and the other as “terrifying” and dangerous.

The novel, released last Tuesday, is a political thriller following the fictional contretemps surrounding the career of a new U.S. Secretary of State, “Ellen Adams,” as she rushes to solve a public response to a terror plot against the country.

While she takes potshots at her Trump-like president, critics say she also levels both barrels at a Joe Biden-like president who is characterized as a “fool,” USA Today wrote.

Clinton’s “fool” Biden stand-in president is named “Doug Williams” in the thriller.

“So the novel can reasonably be read as settling scores with both the man who beat her – Dunn is not far short of an elected Hannibal Lecter – and the man who then bested him,” The Guardian’s Mark Lawson wrote.

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