Did Biden Turn His Back On G-7? Boris Johnson Claims G-7 Agreed To Extend Afghanistan Deadline

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Earlier today, The Palmieri Report reported on Joe Biden sticking with the August 31st deadline to leave Afghanistan. 

Report: Biden Sticking With August 31st Deadline–Will Americans Be Left Stranded?

Now, we have this.

It seems that he might be breaking a promise to US allies.

More from the Epoch Times:

World leaders in the powerful Group of Seven (G-7) agreed that the Taliban terrorist group must let people leave Afghanistan past Aug. 31, United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson said after a G-7 meeting.

The group, which includes U.S. President Joe Biden, agreed in the meeting on “not just a joint approach to dealing with the evacuation but also a roadmap for the way in which we’re going to engage with the Taliban, as it probably will be a Taliban government in Kabul,” Johnson told reporters in the UK after the powwow.

“And the number one condition we’re setting as G-7 is that they’ve got to guarantee right the way through, through August 31st and beyond, a safe passage, safe passage for those who want to come out,” he added.

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