Dems Infighting Over Infrastructure Package

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The Democrats are on the brink of dropping the ball on infrastructure.

Both wings of the party are fighting over what tactics should be used and what is going to be in the bill.

From Breitbart:

The divided Democrat Party is fighting over infrastructure package provisions and tactics as the time-crunch begins before the 2022 midterm campaigns.

Democrat “leaders are performing a high-wire act to keep President Joe Biden’s economic agenda alive” in which “the process of passing a multitrillion-dollar” infrastructure bill to fund far-left initiatives, such as elder care, paid leave, and fighting global warming, must “formally begin,” NBC News reports.

But there is not a consensus among Democrats on how to go about enacting the Trojan horse infrastructure legislation that currently has two tracks: The filibuster-immune reconciliation tactic worth $6 trillion and the $579 billion bipartisan bill with increasingly less support from Republicans.

The far-left wants more:

Gottheimer and Murphy’s angst to get something done before the 2024 midterms heat up is not shared by far-left Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), who told NBC News she and her far-left caucus have “made clear they’d vote down the bipartisan deal without the reconciliation bill.”

“It’s not just a few,” she said. “It’s dozens.”

More from Far-left NBC:

Party leaders will have to resolve those — and many other — issues. They have no votes to spare in the evenly split Senate and can afford no more than four defections in the House.

“I haven’t totally figured out what’s going to be in this,” Yarmuth said of the reconciliation bill.

There isn’t much time left to figure it out. The goal is to pass that first step in the process, which requires agreeing on a price tag, before the monthlong August recess, Yarmuth said. After the recess, Congress will have other issues to grapple with, such as funding the government ahead of a Sept. 30 deadline and raising the expiring debt limit.

If Democrats fail to deliver on infrastructure it will deal a huge blow to the Biden administration.

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