Dem Senators Predict Pelosi Will Cancel Infrastructure Vote–Further Dealing Blow To Biden’s Agenda

Biden’s agenda just hit another roadblock.

Democrat senators predicted that Nancy Pelosi is going to cancel the vote on infrastructure. This will further push back the passing of the bill.

From Breitbart:

The Hill reported that two Democrat senators familiar with the bipartisan infrastructure bill voting talks in the House are expecting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to cancel Thursday’s scheduled vote due to not having enough votes.

The report noted that two senators, who are remaining anonymous, claim they are in contact with Democrat members in the House who believe there will not be enough votes since there are “at least two-dozen progressives planning to vote ‘no’ on infrastructure without a separate vote on a larger social spending package.”

“They will not pass it on Thursday. Enough of the House members understand that they would be gutting the Build Back Better agenda,” one Democrat lawmaker who is familiar with the internal discussions told the Hill.

“Nancy will pull it,” one of the two senators familiar with the discussion said to the Hill. “We’re pretty sure she won’t put it up for a vote. She’ll meet with the moderates and she’ll say, ‘Listen, I don’t put these things up when the votes aren’t there. It doesn’t help your cause to see it fail, it doesn’t help the president to see it fail.’”

Moderates and progressives have been battling over this bill.

The progressives have said they will not pass the infrastructure bill without reconciliation.

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