Dem 2020 Presidential Candidate Calls Out Biden Over Regime Change Comment

Joe Biden made another massive blunder.

During a speech, he went off-script and called for regime change in Russia – the White House walked it back claiming he wasn’t.

Biden Calls For Regime Change – White House Goes Into Cover-Up Mode

Now, we have this.

Tulsi Gabbard joined Tucker Carlson to call out Biden over his rhetoric.

She also said it wasn’t a slip-up but the policy of the Biden administration.

From Fox News:

President Biden’s regime change comment offered the public a glimpse into the true “aims and objectives” of his administration as it relates to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard argued Monday.

Gabbard, a 2020 presidential candidate and U.S. military reservist, pointed to Biden’s speech in Warsaw on Saturday where he appeared to call for a new regime in Russia, declaring at the time that President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

The White House issued an immediate clarification on the president’s comment, prompting the media to chalk it up to one of several “gaffes” he made while traveling abroad. But Gabbard believes the president was verbalizing what had been his primary objective all along.

“It was not a gaffe at all,” she told Tucker Carlson. “President Biden just said out loud what the aims and objectives of his administration’s policies are, which is regime change in Russia, to get Putin out of power. They are doing so through using the primary weapons of economic warfare,” she said.

“They are doing so by waging this modern-day siege against Russia, isolating, containing, destroying their economy, starving the Russian people in the hope that the Russian people or the military will rise up and revolt and overthrow their government, and get rid of Putin.”

Gabbard said she believes Biden is “lying” about his true motives to avoid the political blowback that would result from initiating a “regime change war.”


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