Cuomo Accuser Was Once Propositioned By Bill Clinton

Karen Hinton, an accuser of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was also once propositioned by Bill Clinton.

He had been married to Hillary Clinton for a decade at this point.

From The Washington Examiner:

Former President Bill Clinton once propositioned a one-time staffer to former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to join him in his hotel room while he was a married man, the political operative recounts in a new memoir.

In 1984, Karen Hinton, who earlier this year accused Cuomo of luring her to his hotel room and pulling her close, says she met Clinton, married to Hillary Clinton for almost a decade at that point, who was with a group of men in Greenville, South Carolina. That is where the then-Arkansas governor slipped her a note apparently inviting her to his hotel room, Hinton writes in her new book, Penis Politics, which is due to be released next month. The Washington Examiner obtained an advance copy.

“I felt like a fool, thinking this Governor wanted to hear my ideas about solving poverty,” she writes. “Humiliated, I tossed the napkin in a toilet, gathered my things, and got the hell out of the bar.”

Hinton previously divulged some details of the alleged note story to former Washington Post investigative reporter Michael Isikoff, who included it in his 1999 book Uncovering Clinton.

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