“Could Give Trump A Second Term”- Tom Fitton Lays How Trump Could Get A Second Term

During an interview, Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton laid out how President Trump could get a second term.

Fitton lays out the case wonderfully. You should watch the full clip to hear that.

I want to point out one thing he talks about here. That is when he talks about how the Democrats and liberal media are not talking about this. This isn’t a point for us to gloss over. It shocks no one that the media and Democrats are not acknowledging the truth. What is important to understand is the reason why they are ignoring it. They are ignoring it because they want to give Americans the narrative that this election is over. They know that even covering these challenges would make Americans start to realize this election is far from over.

January 6th will be a huge day. It is unclear what will happen but one thing is certain, something is going to happen. If House and Senate Republicans stand behind President Trump he very well might have a second term.

Senator Josh Hawley announced that he will object to Joe Biden’s electors on January 6th.


This is exactly what was needed.

Dozens of GOP House reps are planning on objecting. Hawley is the first senator although there are a few others who are considering.

National Pulse:

Hawley notes his decision is a response to the “unprecedented effort of mega-corporations, including Facebook and Twitter, to interfere in this election in support of Joe Biden” along with “allegations of voter fraud.”

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