Constitutional Law Professor: “So Long As Dobbs Remains Undecided, The Lives Of The Justices Are At Risk”

The leak of the Roe draft was truly a disgusting unethical act.

Although we don’t know who the leaker was the common motive that has been thrown around is that the point of the leak was to try and get the decision changed before its official release.

This means the likely motive of the leak was that those voting yes to overturn Roe v Wade would be bullied into changing their votes.

Constitutional Law Professor Josh Blackman penned an important article calling for the decision to be released. He pointed out that not releasing the decision is only making things more dangerous for the Supreme Court justices.

From Reason:

Every day that goes by, and Dobbs remains undecided, is a day that the lives of the Justices and their families are at risk. Immediately after the leak, I wrote that the Court should issue a one-sentence per curiam opinion, with a reasoned decision to follow–follow the path of Ex Parte Quirin. Lurking in the back of mind was the risk that a Justice could be assassinated. Now, that risk looks so much more real.

Why, then, has the Court not issued a decision in Dobbs yet? We know the majority opinion was finished in February. Yet, at least in May, the Chief Justice still had not circulated his much-vaunted concurrence. My cynical take was that “circulating the draft opinion at the latest possible juncture creates chaos, and makes it more likely that things can move around without sufficient deliberation.”

Why is there a delay? So Roberts can take yet another ill-fated attempt to pick off one or two votes? A real leader would have put aside his quixotical quest for balance. Every day that passes, as the Chief haggles over votes, a target remains on the backs of his colleagues.

It is time for US politicians to condemn (strongly) political violence. It is simply never acceptable.

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