CONFIRMED: Mitch McConnell Led Effort To Destroy Dole Aide–Due To Jan 6th Tie

Mitch McConnell continues to prove he is one of the most morally bankrupt members of Congress.

The Palmieri Report previously reported on how Mitch McConnell tried to destroy the life of a former Bob Dole Staffer who had a tie to January 6th.

There is no evidence the former staffer committed any crime on January 6th.

McConnell decided to destroy him anyway.

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This story is now confirmed.

Breitbart just published a piece confirming what we wrote above and adding more.

From Breitbart:

Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell personally led an effort to damage the career of a longtime aide to former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole over the aide’s peripheral and obscure link to January 6, Breitbart News has learned.

Tim Unes, a longtime Dole aide who runs a Washington-based event planning company called Event Strategies, Inc., had his contract for Bob Dole’s funeral sabotaged after it became public that the company had been contracted to put on the event at the White House ellipsis on Jan. 6, 2021.

Text messages between a senior official at the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and the former Dole aide in question obtained by Breitbart News finger McConnell as the person responsible for targeting him and his business. The CEO of the foundation also walked back previous comments he made to the New York Times about the aide — inaccurate statements that the text messages imply were made under pressure from McConnell’s office.

When the connection between Unes and the Jan. 6 rally came out publicly in press reports, McConnell staffers raised issue with him planning the funeral with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, questioning whether it would be proper for Unes to be involved in event planning for another function happening in the U.S. Capitol.

When Dole died, McConnell’s team kicked into higher gear on this, pressuring the Dole Foundation to issue a public statement distancing the former Senate leader’s funeral from Unes — despite the planning having been in the works for over a decade.

The effort was made public in the New York Times, threatening business prospects for Unes and his company.

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