Compilation: Savannah Guthrie Repeatedly Cut Off Trump

Below is a compilation of  NBC Host Savannah Guthrie interrupting President Trump during his Town Hall.

This didn’t stop President Trump from winning big. He handled her well and got his message across. This is simply what Conservatives are up against. The playing field is never fair and Conservatives are constantly forced to deal with unfair actors.

President Trump had predicted this:

Of course, Biden had a much different experience. He got a pass on nearly everything:

In what came as a shock to no one Joe Biden was not asked a single question about the massive stories that came from The New York Post.

ABC isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. ABC basically just exposed themselves as being in the tank for Joe Biden. They are only interested in attacking President Trump and covering up for Joe Biden.

This should make ABC irrelevant. No one should take them seriously.

The best evidence of how bad this is to look at what would happen if you switched the Bidens with the Trumps. Imagine if Donald Trump Jr. was caught taking all this money from foreign governments? Imagine if Donald Trump Jr. was caught smoking crack?

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