Columnist: “CNN’s Collapse Is Now Complete”

CNN’s downward spiral has even reached the mainstream media.

A columnist for The Hill just released an article titled “CNN’s Collapse Is Now Complete.”

It takes a deep dive into the history of CNN and exposed its downward spiral.

In the end, its propaganda to get Trump out ended up killing CNN as it currently stands.

Cuomo is gone, Zucker is gone more are likely to follow.

From The Hill:

The collapse of CNN is now complete: 9 out of 10 viewers, gone. Its top-rated anchor, ​Chris Cuomo, gone. Its network president, gone. Its integrity in shambles.

​Oh, and new management coming in that is signaling big-time changes … changes that may bring CNN back to the proud network it once was before Jeff Zucker destroyed it.

Trump pointed this out in one of his statements after Jeff Zucker resigned.


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