CNN Tapes: CNN’s Senior VP Was “Terrified” Cubans Were Voting For Trump

Project Veritas has dropped another major CNN tape.

CNN’s Senior Vice President Cynthia Hudson was terrified that Cuban Americans were voting for President Donald Trump.

She let that known during CNN’s 9 A.M Editorial meeting.

CNN’s President was on prior recordings attending this exact same meeting. So, it is safe to assume the highest-ranking people at CNN heard this bias.

This is more evidence of what we already knew about CNN. They are the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

Their Senior Vice President was trying to influence the election by telling Americans Biden isn’t a socialist.

Can someone explain to me how this is no different than the Biden campaign’s agenda? Of course, it isn’t.

CNN is not a fair and balanced news outlet. They are a propaganda machine.

Key Points:

-CNN’s Senior Vice President was “terrified” that Cubans were going to vote for Trump

-CNN’s Senior Vice President wanted to change programming to try and change their minds

-CNN is exactly who we thought they were

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