CNN Reports On Infighting In Biden Admin

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Even CNN is admitting that the Biden Administration is falling apart.

CNN just reported on infighting among the Biden administration.

From Breitbart:

CNN reported Tuesday “shitshow” infighting has begun to occupy the White House as thousands of American citizens are stranded within Afghanistan.

The infighting is primarily between the State Department and the United State’s military, which are blaming each other for the failed Afghan evacuation and withdrawal, reported CNN.

The military claims they told the State Department any future “last-minute emergency evacuation — if needed — would be more difficult the more staffers remained.”

“Utter bunk,” the official told CNN.

But CNN reports the military believes they “were actually prepared for the worst” and were “urging the State Department for weeks to begin withdrawing embassy employees in Kabul. Pentagon officials used the words ‘frustration”‘ and ‘sh*tshow’ to describe their feelings about Washington and Kabul.”

The Palmieri Report previously reported on infighting among Biden staffers:

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Time to impeach!

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