Claim: Over 1000 Mail-In Ballots Found In Dumpster In California

Conservative Media Outlets have begun reporting a story showing over 1000 mail-in ballots in California being dumped in a dumpster.

We know this image is from 2020:

USPS Unions have backed Joe Biden:

Folks we simply can’t trust vote by mail. Vote by mail is suspect to fraud and we have already seen incidents of ballots being thrown out. We need a full investigation into this.


Officials have said that these ballots were from 2018:

“Help us stop a false report,” Sonoma County tweeted. “Someone posted pictures on the web showing empty Vote-by-Mail envelopes from Sonoma County in recycling bins. The pictures are of old empty envelopes from the November 2018 election that were disposed of as allowed by law.”

Sonoma County’s tweet was shared, or retweeted, less than 700 times within 24 hours of being posted; Mr. Schaffer’s was retweeted at least 5,000 times it was taken down from Twitter; another tweet by verified user that includes a link to The Gateway Pundit article was retweeted more than 1,000 times as of Saturday and remains online, meanwhile.

To this point, there seems to be no evidence debunking what these officials have said.

We will update this with more information if any comes out.

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