Chinese Whistleblower Says China Manufactured COVID-19

Chinese virologist whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan went on Tucker Carlson tonight and explained that the Chinese Coronavirus was manufactured by the Chinese government.

Of course, Big Tech censored her:

Why won’t anyone in the Mainstream Press touch this story? The American people must know whether the Chinese government released this virus. They must know if China manufactured this virus.

We have been covering this since the breakout:

Trump: W.H.O blew it, will be looking into them
Tucker outlines how Chinavirus could have come from a lab, not a wet market
Here is all the evidence we have that Chinavirus came from a lab
Pompeo says there’s “enormous evidence” that Chinavirus came from lab
W.H.O Won’t Investigate Wuhan Lab Where COVID-19 Might Have Come From

The US government had given money to the lab in Wuhan.

US government gave $3.7M to Wuhan lab

Remeber folks. The Globalists care more about beating President Trump than keeping you safe.

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