China Now COVID Vaxxing 3-Year-Olds

COVID tyranny continues to grow worldwide.

China is beginning to vaccinate 3-year-olds against COVID.

From Breitbart:

Chinese government health officials recently began vaccinating children as young as three years old against the Chinese coronavirus, the state-run China Daily reported Tuesday.

“Many provinces in China have started vaccinating children aged 3 to 11, as the number of COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] cases has grown due to small recent outbreaks related to tour groups in Gansu province and the Inner Mongolia autonomous region,” China Daily, a newspaper owned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s publicity department, reported on October 26.

“Cities including Changde, Hunan province, and Jinhua, Zhejiang province, have also started vaccinating kids in that age group,” the publication revealed. “Places in Fujian and Anhui provinces plan to start vaccination programs for the young.”

As mentioned by China Daily on Tuesday, China’s coronavirus caseload has surged in recent days. Communist authorities have officially blamed the rise in cases on a tourist group that traveled from Shanghai to China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region this month. Starting on October 19, the group’s members began testing positive for coronavirus upon returning to their various home cities, which extended beyond Shanghai.

This will be heading to the US soon.

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