CDC Makes Bombshell Admission About Natural Immunity

The CDC has finally admitted the truth about natural immunity – it is more protective than COVID vaccines.

The new data has led to calls for an update to “vaccination policies and school or work-entry requirements across federal and state or county governments.”

From Just The News:

Natural immunity from COVID-19 is broad and durable. The lowest risk group for COVID complications should get vaccines — and boosters, for those authorized — regardless of their health.

These statements came out of the CDC two days apart, illustrating the agency’s mixed messaging as ongoing research fails to show a meaningful effect on viral transmission from COVID interventions, especially in children.

They have also exposed a potential rift between the agency’s researchers and its social media team, which proclaim the gospel of vaccines and boosters even for research that is more circumspect.

“The report finally acknowledges what many have suspected for a long time — that surviving COVID-19 provides excellent natural immunity not only [to] repeat infection but also to hospitalization and death for the delta variant of COVID-19,” University of Southern California clinical medical professor Jeffrey Klausner and UCLA Health senior resident Noah Kojima wrote this week in The Hill.

“The pattern of improved protection after natural infection makes sense,” they explain, because natural infection exposes the body to “all parts of the virus” while vaccines target COVID’s spike protein.

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