Border Patrol: Biden Surge Of Illegal Aliens At The Border

Border Wall near the Calexico Port of Entry

Border Patrol agents are seeing a surge of illegal migrants due to Joe Biden being “elected” President.

The Washington Times:

Border Patrol agents are already seeing a Biden surge in illegal immigration at the southwest border, officials said Thursday, with the numbers surging 21% over the last month alone.

Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said worsening economic conditions south of the border are largely responsible for the uptick, but he also blamed “perceived and or anticipated shifts in policies” here in the U.S.

He said it’s particularly dangerous at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on CBP personnel. At least 1,300 CBP staffers are currently quarantined, 700 are currently COVID-positive and 15 have died of the virus.

This is another thing that isn’t being talked about. A Joe Biden presidency will re-open up our border. Illegal Aliens will feel more confident with Biden in office. They know they will be able to enter the U.S if they can make it to the border.

It is amazing how the left completely forgets about the Chinese Coronavirus when it comes to this.

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