Big Tech Allows Kremlin To Promote War Efforts On Social Media – Still Has Trump Banned

Big Tech continues to prove it is a disgrace.

They are allowing the Kremlin to promote their war effort. This is despite them still having 45th President Donald Trump banned.

From Fox News:

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are quiet about whether the Kremlin and high-ranking Russian officials who are using the platform to give updates about Russia’s advance on Ukraine and spread Russian propaganda will continue to have unfettered access to their accounts.

Twitter declined to comment to Fox News Digital on Thursday on whether it will take steps to block Putin or high-ranking Russian accounts from posting as the war escalates.

Instagram and Facebook did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Russia’s verified Twitter account for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has nearly 380,000 followers and regularly posts Kremlin talking points laden with Putin fanfare. On Thursday, the account posted over 20 tweets defending Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, claiming in one that, “The purpose of this operation is to protect people who, for 8 years now, have been facing genocide perpetrated by the Kiev regime.”

Other posts on the account threaten “tough response measures” to the EU’s “continuing unfriendly steps against Russia” and scolds the U.S for creating a “veritable ‘empire of lies.'” Thursday evening, it tweeted out a phone conversation between Putin and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, where he “expressed understanding with respect to Russia’s security concerns caused by the destabilising actions of the US and NATO.”

The official Kremlin Twitter account also continued to post frequent updates of Putin’s activity for its 1.2 M followers on Thursday.

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