Biden’s Bad Week: Biden Gets D- On His Report Card

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Every week the Washington Examiner publishes a report card for Joe Biden.

They ask two people to give a grade.

Those two people are John Zogby and Jed Babbin.

Zogby gave Biden a B+ but cited no successes. He also cited inflated polling numbers for Biden. We know Biden’s true approval is under 50%.

Jed Babbin was different.

Jed gave Biden a D-.

Here is why. (Make sure to click the link below to read the full thing.

From The Washington Examiner:

A very good jobs report – nearly one million new jobs in March – was all that kept the week from being a complete disaster for President Biden. His handling of the border crisis, his toadying to the CDC and his massive $2 trillion spending binge were uniformly awful.

The border crisis continues, and Biden does nothing except welcome illegal immigrants in and bus them to communities far beyond the border where they are dropped off, requiring the receiving communities to shelter, feed and house them at community expense. And there are thousands of illegal immigrant children being housed in terrible conditions, for example, in facilities that are meant to hold about two hundred and are stuffed with more than a thousand. It’s a growing crisis, a real scandal, that Biden’s media defenders are careful to ignore.

On that same note, California public schools are still closed over teachers’ concerns about he COVID pandemic. That isn’t preventing San Diego teachers from offering in-person instruction for illegal alien kids who, by the way, have a vastly higher COVID infection rate than legal San Diego kids. Of course there’s no push from Biden to reopen U.S. schools. The teachers’ unions donated enough to Biden’s campaign to purchase that loyalty.

When CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky forecasted “impending doom” over more possible COVID surges, Biden promptly issued a call for all governors to renew mask mandates in their states. (Joe always likes someone to tell him what to say.) Meanwhile, states such as Florida and Texas, which have ditched masks and/or economic closings, are recovering faster than Democratic states such as California and New York.

The biggest disaster of the week was Biden’s new $2 trillion “infrastructure” package which he hopes to pass by July 4th. It’s supposed to be for building roads and bridges, but only about 6% of the money goes for that. The rest is a cornucopia of liberal waste ranging from $100 billion for “affordable internet” to $561 billion for “green” housing and schools and much more than I can catalogue here. And, of course, it includes major tax hikes for corporations. It also erodes right to work laws and authorizes employee voting on choosing to unionize or not that doesn’t use secret ballots but instead use the “card check” method by which employees can be bullied into voting for unionization.

In sum, Biden’s package comprises the return of Big Government on steroids.

The walls are closing in on Joe Biden.

He has failed to have any clear plan for COVID besides continuing to fearmonger and back tyrannical lockdowns.

He has created a border crisis of epic proportions which is only getting worse as the days go on.

His polling is tanking.

The only positive things Biden can point to are due to what Trump did while in office.

How long before Democrats turn on Biden?

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