Biden’s Approval Hits 39% In New Poll–Dems Sour On Biden

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Biden’s approval continues to fall.

According to a new Economist /YouGov poll, Biden’s approval has hit 39%.

From The Washington Examiner: 

More people “than ever before” disapprove of Joe Biden’s job as president, according to a new survey that has been favorable to the White House up to now.

The latest Economist /YouGov survey said that since the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan orchestrated by the White House, Biden’s approval rating has tanked to just 39% while his disapproval has spiked to 49%.

Here is the history of Biden’s approval on this poll:

From YouGov:

For the first time, more American adults disapprove of how Biden is handling his job. Nearly half the public (49%) disapproves of Biden’s job performance in the poll conducted September 4-7, while only 39% approve—a drop of six points in the last week. Twice before, during the pullout from Afghanistan, as many people disapproved as approved, but this is the first time in his first-year presidency that Biden’s ratings are negative.

He has even hit record lows among Democrats:

From YouGov:

The drop in Biden’s approval rating is most severe among Democrats. Around nine in ten of them had approved of Biden’s performance for nearly all of his first year in office. This week, Biden’s approval rating among Democrats dropped nine points to 77% from 86% last week.

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