Biden’s America: Texans Driving To Mexico For Gas

Joe Biden continues his war on everyday Americans.

Some Texas residents are now driving to Mexico for cheaper gas.

A manager at a Juárez, Mexico gas station confirmed this saying – “we’ve seen more traffic, more people with Texas license plates.”

From The New York Post:

Gas prices are soaring so high in the US that drivers in El Paso, Texas, are taking the desperate step of crossing the border to fill up in Mexico, where prices are more than a dollar cheaper, according to reports.

“We’re close to El Paso and, yes, we’ve seen more traffic, more people with Texas license plates,” Jonathan Rivas, a manager at a Juárez, Mexico, gas station, told the El Paso Times.

Drivers in El Paso are paying an average of $4.19 a gallon north of the border, according to AAA. But just across the border in Juarez, Mexico, the price is just $3 a gallon, reports KTSM.

“We already came out here and put gas in Juarez because, in El Paso, it is overly expensive,” El Paso resident Rene Gaucin told the Border Report.

The drive isn’t easy. Texans heading back from Mexico have to sit in their idling cars while waiting in long security lines to re-enter the United States. Wait times at the international ports of entry in El Paso average about an hour during the week and up to three hours on the weekend.

Why it matters:

-In less than two years Joe Biden is making life harder for everyday Americans

-Gas prices are only getting worse

-Would be interesting to find out why it is cheaper in Mexico

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