Biden Stops Campaigning At 9:20 A.M

Joe Biden’s campaign once again called a lid before noon.

They have called a lid before noon nine times this month:

This is the story no one is talking about. We have a candidate for President who can’t even handle campaigning. If Joe Biden can’t do a full day of campaigning how can we expect him to run this country?

This guy will be falling asleep in meetings. Not be his sharpest when on foreign trips and has a track record of being a terrible decision maker even before he lost his mind.

The Media needs to start covering this. Americans need to recognize that Joe Biden is unfit for office. Americans need to recognize that he is being propped up by the radical left just to get President Trump out of office. As soon as the election is over they will turn on him and put in power whoever they want.

We know exactly what they are doing. They are resting him up so that he can have energy for the debate next week.

This alone shows Joe Biden’s unfitness for office!

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