Biden Seems To Forget The Cost Of His Own Tax Plan

When questioned about his Tax Plan Joe Biden seemingly forgot how much it would cost.

Now, in Joe Biden’s defense, he likely wants to forget about his tax plan because it is so unpopular among voters:

The gaffe machine that is Joe Biden just keeps on rolling. If President Trump did half the stuff Joe Biden did the Mainstream Press would be covering it non-stop.

Just never forget the truth about Joe Biden. He is a trojan horse who is being used to knock President Trump out of office. His handlers don’t have America’s best interest in mind. They want high taxes, defunded police as well as mass illegal immigration into the country. They do not care about you or your family’s safety either. They have cheered on left-wing violence while at the same time promising to take away your firearms.

These gaffes are hilarious. These gaffes are cringeworthy. But we can never forget just how dangerous a Joe Biden presidency will be.

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