Biden Reopens “Catch And Release”…While Migrant Wave Head Towards Border

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Why doesn’t Joe put Americans First?

Joe Biden has reinstated the failed policy of  “catch and release” at our border.

Over the past few days over 1,000 have been detained and released into the United States.

From The New York Times:

More than 1,000 people who had been detained after crossing have been released into the country in recent days in a swift reversal from the Trump administration’s near shutdown of the border. Many more people are gathering on the Mexican side, aggravating conditions there and testing America’s ability and willingness to admit migrants during a pandemic.

So, here is a quick recap.

Joe Biden encouraged migrants to come to the United States by talking about amnesty.

He then rescinded Trump’s policy which released captured migrants into Mexico and now is releasing them into the United States.

He is doing all of this in the middle of a pandemic. While you can’t see family members. While you can’t have your business open. The Biden Administration is giving a pass to thousands of illegal aliens.

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