Biden Mocked Over Town Hall Crowd

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Biden held a Townhall with CNN.

As expected it had a pathetic crowd size.

Even a Mainstream Media reporter reported that the Town Hall was half empty.

Why would CNN leave half the auditorium empty for a Townhall?

From Todd Starnes:

The auditorium at President Biden’s town hall is barely half full, according to pool reporters covering the event.

Voice of America journalist Steve Herman posted video and photos that showed dozens and dozens of empty seats at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The town hall, which was broadcast on CNN, showed attendees packed into the front rows – shoulder to shoulder. Most of the crowd was unmasked as was the CNN staffers.

Herman said he asked the White House for an explanation about the audience size.

“When I queried @WhiteHouse officials about why the auditorium is only 1/3 full, the answer I got is: ‘Ask CNN.’” he said.

Spot the difference between Biden And Trump:

Trump’s last rally:


Biden’s Townhall:


He was mocked on Twitter:

These were just a few of them. 

The steal is obvious.

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