Biden Just Made Stunning Comments About The 13 Heroes Killed In Kabul

Biden’s bungled Afghanistan withdrawal led to the deaths of 13 heroic service members.

Here are their names.

Darin Hoover, Hunter Lopez, Daegan Page, Humberto Sanchez, Jared Schmitz, David Espinoza, Rylee McCollum, Dylan Merola, Kareem Nikoui, Nicole Gee, Johanny Rosario, Pichardo, Maxton Soviak, Ryan Knauss.

All braves heroes who should be prayed for daily.

Biden showed how little he cared by looking down at his watch during the dignified transfer of these heroes.

More Images Confirm Biden Looked At His Watch During Dignified Transfer

“He’d Look Down At His Watch”–Gold Star Father Says Biden Looked At His Watch Several Times During Reception Of US Heroes Killed In Kabul

Now, we have this.

Biden refuses to take accountability for his failure.

In fact, he is attacking those who have called him out saying that it was inevitable that our service members would die.

Not only is this a disgusting quote but it is also simply false.

The Kabul bomber was in the custody of the CIA until the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Once Biden surrendered the country to the Taliban many terrorists were released.

One of those was the suicide bomber.

INCOMPETENCE: Kabul Suicide Bomber Was In CIA Custody–Released By Taliban

The blood of these 13 heroes is on the hands of this administration.

We should never forget that.


Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan.

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