Biden Dragging Down Dems In Key States

2022 continues to look worse and worse for the Democrats.

A new poll found that among 8 key states Biden’s approval is only 33%.

The 8 states are:




-New Hampshire

-North Carolina



From Just The News:

President Joe Biden’s sinking job approval rating in key battleground states could drag Democrats down in the 2022 midterm elections now less than a year away.

In the eight states expected to have the most competitive Senate races in 2022, Biden’s approval rating is significantly lower than it is nationally, according to the latest poll from ABC News and The Washington Post.

The poll found that Biden’s job approval has sunk to 33% in those eight states: Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

In those swing states “Biden’s overall job approval rating is 33%, compared with 43% elsewhere,” according to an analysis of the data by Gary Langer, the director of polling at ABC News. “Registered voters in these states favor Republicans over Democrats for the House by a 23-point margin, 58-35%, vs. 7 points, 49-42%, in the rest of the country.”

Another poll found more voters want to see the GOP take control than the Democrats.

From The Hill:

More U.S. voters want to see the GOP take control of the House and Senate next year, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll, an ominous sign for Democrats as they prepare to defend their razor-thin majorities in both chambers.

Forty-six percent of registered voters say they would rather see Republicans win the House majority in 2022, compared to 41 percent who say that Democrats should retain control in the lower chamber.

It’s a similar case in the Senate. Forty-six percent say they want the GOP to take control of the upper chamber, while 42 percent are hoping for a Democratic majority, the poll found.

Democrats were already expected to face historical headwinds heading into 2022, given that the party of a new president tends to lose ground in Congress in midterm elections. But the poll adds to mounting evidence that roughly a year after voters handed Democrats control of Washington, Americans may be feeling a sense of buyers remorse.

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