Biden Calls A Lid Before Noon

Joe Biden’s campaign has called a lid before noon once again.

We are only nine days away from the election and Joe Biden is still not campaigning as hard as he can:

Joe Biden simply doesn’t have it. He is too old to be President of the United States. I’m not just talking about age either. The number itself is not what really matters. What matters is their energy level. Their ability to do the job. Biden is showing he simply can’t. Trump is doing 3 or more rallies a day while running the country. Biden can’t even campaign past noon.

Don’t let the Mainstream Press try and make you not believe what is so clearly the truth. They are propping him up and trying to tell you not to believe what we are seeing with our own eyes. Biden doesn’t have it.


The Biden campaign seems to be following the same strategy they used in September. The Biden campaign announced they were calling a lid at 11:03 A.M.

Remember folks, they told us the reason for the early lids were “debate prep”. We now know that excuse was bogus. Biden can’t handle the campaign schedule!

We covered all of Biden’s early days off last month:

They have called a lid before noon nine times this month:

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